Ball Baby Softball Holder

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Ball Baby Softball Holder

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Anthem Part # A33-885

  • 7" x 13"
  • Holds 3, 12" game softballs
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Eliminates game delays
  • Keeps umpire's stocked with game balls
  • Reduces the chance of entering a practice ball into the game
  • Compact shape won't block the fan's view of the batter
  • Easy to use and install


Eliminate game delay with the Softball Ball Baby, a fence mounted holder for softballs.  The Ball Baby holds up to three game-balls and is accessible from both sides of the fence or backstop.  Spectators can easily return an out of play ball to the holder without interrupting play.  Plus, the umpire has easy access to a stock of balls ensuring that no game time is lost once a ball goes out of play. The Ball Baby is simple to use and easy to install.  At just 7" x 13", it securely holds up to a 12" softball and requires just a small cut in a fence to mount properly.  The four-inch hole won't compromise the strength or safety of a chain link fence.  Durable plastic construction ensures every Ball Baby can withstand the weather and will last through years of extra inning games.

Additional Information

Brand Ball Baby
Manufacturer Part # GBC-BBS06

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