CranBarry Eagle Medium Weight Wood Field Hockey Stick

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CranBarry Eagle Medium Weight Wood Field Hockey Stick

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Anthem Part # A43-218

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  • Fiberglass-reinforced mulberry wood construction
  • Medium weight (21-22oz)
  • Enhanced sweet spot
  • Araldite reinforced toe
  • Midi headshape
  • Standard head face
  • Animal print design


CranBarry's Eagle field hockey stick is constructed using the highest grade mulberry wood with a full fiberglass wrap.  This combination gives the player more power while enhancing vibration resistance.The Eagle wood's traditional standard blade profile offers a classic bow along the length of the handle and blade.  The Eagle's sport grip is built with ridges at the top for good left-hand gripping and smooth lower portion for right-hand sliding.  The Midi toe assists the players' technique with ball 'roll over' and offers excellent close control while the inclusion of araldite increases toe durability against chipping and breakage.
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