Soft Touch S1400 14" Spike-Down Base w/ Tees & Spikes, set of 3

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Soft Touch S1400 14" Spike-Down Base w/ Tees & Spikes, set of 3

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Anthem Part # A32-934

    • Includes (3) 14" x 14" x 2-1/2" youth bases
    • Also includes (3) 14" bases, (3) mounting tees & (9) 12" spikes
    • Progressive release design
    • For grass or dirt areas
    • Designed for facilities without in-ground mounting systems
    • Molded from durable cut resistant polyurethane
    • Made in the USA
    • Outperforms standard bases
    • One-year warranty
    • Available in 15", see below


    These spike-down bases combine the exclusive Soft Touch base design with a spike-down mounting system that can be installed on any grass or dirt area. Use these bases on any field when square Soft Touch ground anchors are not present. Simply drive the spikes through the yellow disc or "T" mounting anchor and mount the base the the anchor. The double first base is designed for player safety so the feet of the first baseman do not interfere with the runner. The 14" bases are approved for play in most youth leagues.The base is designed to flex and absorb energy as a player slides into the base.  In the case of uncontrolled slides, the "Progressive Release" action allows the base to flex until enough force is applied to "pop" the base free from the mount, unlike any stationary base.  
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