Ameri-Stripe Liner 500 Aerosol Field Paint Marking Machine

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Ameri-Stripe Liner 500 Aerosol Field Paint Marking Machine

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Anthem Part # A15-123

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  • Sturdy 18-gauge, all-steel construction
  • Adjustable line width from 2-4 inches
  • Compact storage
  • Holds up to 2 cases of paint
  • 4 large, 10 inch wheels
  • Smooth rolling on rough surfaces
  • Works with 18 oz. or 20 oz. aerosol paint cans only
  • Sprayer position in center of machine
  • FREE SHIPPING when you order 15 or more cases of Ameri-Stripe paint (see skus A15-605, A15-606, A15-608 below). Order 50+ cases get liner FREE.


The Ameri-Stripe Liner 500 paint marking machine has the sprayer in the middle of the machine to prevent wind interference, giving you a cleaner line on your field. Line with can be adjusted from 2 inches to 4 inches depending on your needs. This machine has a sturdy, all-steel construction and large 10 inch wheels that provide a smooth rolling surface and excellent maneuverability, even on rough surfaces. This liner works with 20 oz. aerosol paint cans only.


Additional Information

Brand Ameri-Stripe
Manufacturer Part # 500

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