Chaheati Original Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

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Chaheati Original Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

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  • Small, lightweight battery
  • Rechargeable 7 Volt Lithium-ion battery
  • Replacement battery for Chaheati Original Heated Chair (see item A00-050 below) and Chaheati Heated Add-On (see item A00-055 below)
  • Works with Chaheati Original Car Charger (see item A00-059 below)
  • Four temperature settings:
  • Low (Lasts 6 hours at 98.6 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Medium (Lasts 3.5 hours at 109.4 - 113 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • High (Lasts 2.5 hours at 125.6 - 131 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Max (Lasts 1.8 hours at 141.8 -145 degrees Fahrenheit)


The Chaheati Original Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery is the replacement battery for the Chaheati Original Heated Chair and the Heated Add-On (both sold separately). It also works with the Chaheati Original Car Charger for recharging on the go (also sold separately). It conveniently has four heat settings for hours of heating.


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Brand Chaheati
Manufacturer Part # CH002B
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