White Line Combination Infield Scarifier

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White Line Combination Infield Scarifier

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Anthem Part # A15-219


  • Breaks up hard playing surfaces
  • Heavy-duty welded steel angle iron construction
  • 3-1/2'' teeth, 1/2" diameter
  • Scarifying teeth on one side, leveling box on the other
  • 6' wide x 16-1/2'' deep
  • Includes tow chain
  • Optional drag bar (A15-214), see below


The Combination Scarifier is designed to accomplish several important field maintenance functions. When used with the teeth down, it scarifies your infield to break up hard, compacted surfaces for improved sliding comfort and safety. This scarifier blends conditioners into your infield clay and helps promote drying of wet infields.   Flip the unit over with the teeth up to create a twin-bladed grading box. The two raised cutting blades shave infield material from high spots and fill in the low spots. The Combination Scarifier features standard 3-1/2" long teeth designed to secure in place separately with included locking nuts and washers.


Additional Information

Brand White Line
Manufacturer Part # 01565/01565 DB

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