Court Clean 24" Key Clean Basketball Floor Cleaner, TKH120 (PAIR)

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Court Clean 24" Key Clean Basketball Floor Cleaner, TKH120 (PAIR)

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Anthem Part # A55-779


  • 24" wide
  • Cleans the “Key” quickly
  • 6' adjustable two-piece aluminum handle with nylon handle attachment
  • 24" x 4-1/4" aluminum base
  • Long, adjustable aluminum handle
  • Micro-fiber pad of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide
  • Pad size 5-3/8" x  25-1/4"
  • Also available in 36" width - see below


Key Clean helps keep your players safe and enables them to play at their peak performance by keeping the key area clean and dry. Key clean is designed for quick, easy pickup of moisture and dirt during practice & games. This lightweight microfiber mop is a breeze to use and the telescoping aluminum handle adjusts in length to each user's preference. Key Clean has super absorption allowing floors to dry quickly, leaving them lint free and spotless. Not only does it polish and buff floors, but it also removes germs, mites, fungus, mold and bacteria.  Key Clean is the perfect companion to the Courtclean which cleans your entire court in minutes (see below).


Additional Information

Brand Court Clean
Manufacturer Part # TKH120

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