Easton 9" Incrediball SoftStitch Training Baseball, A122305T , ea

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Easton 9" Incrediball SoftStitch Training Baseball, A122305T , ea

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Anthem Part # A33-491


  • 9" 
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Unique nylon cover w/ authentic baseball-style stitching
  • Carries 75% of distance when hit


The Easton Incrediball training ball is a stingless, safe, and has a unique nylon cover with authentic baseball-style stitching. These training balls are washable and will last as long as a regular ball. The Incrediball is a great training aid and it carries 75% of the distance when hit. Reduced weight and cloth cover make these balls ideal for indoor practice.

Easton 9" Incrediball SoftStitch Training Baseball Video Transcript: Today we're going to show you the Incrediball training balls from Easton. Incrediball makes baseball and softball training balls. These are the baseballs here. They're actually a regulation size baseball, but a lot of people aren't familiar with the two different types. The first style is what they call soft touch, which is more of a vinyl cover ball. It's got actual stitching in it and feels pretty much like a regular baseball. The other style is called soft stitch. It’s more like a cloth cover as opposed to the vinyl cover, and it also has real stitching on the ball. So you have your soft touch and your soft stitch; both are relatively soft. I'm going to press down on both so you can see the compression. You can see that the soft stitch ball here compresses a little bit more, it's a little bit softer. The soft touch ball is still a softer ball but it's just a little more firm. Both balls are suitable for indoor or outdoor practice. They're very commonly used for indoor practice. The soft touch is a little bit lighter and a little bit softer It's really just more of a personal preference as to which one you would choose. The soft stitch ball has a little bit of a higher seam than the soft touch, so if you prefer a higher seam you may want to choose the soft stitch ball. Easton states that the soft stitch ball travels roughly 70% of the distance of a regular baseball, but they don't state how far this one travels, but it's probably a little farther than 70% but definitely not as far as a regular baseball. If you want a little bit more restricted ball flight, I would choose the soft stitch ball. Hopefully, this has been helpful in determining which ball is better for you, as it is really of personal preference, but both are excellent, very good selling training balls from Easton.


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Brand Easton
Manufacturer Part # A122 305T

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