Easton Kevin Pillar Youth 11" Professional Youth Glove, PY1100

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Easton Kevin Pillar Youth 11" Professional Youth Glove, PY1100

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Anthem Part # A28-877

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  • Youth model based on pattern used by Kevin Pillar
  • 11" youth pattern
  • H-Web
  • Ultra soft Hog Hide all leather glove
  • Flex Notch system creates easier pocket closure
  • Super soft palm lining and finger stalls enhance grip for better control
  • Embroidered Easton and Screamin’ E logos


The Easton Kevin Pillar 11” professional youth glove is crafted with ultra soft Hog Hide leather and a H-Web design. Improve your performance with the Flex Notch system that allows for easier pocket closure, and soft palm lining and finger stalls to enhance your grip for better control. This Easton glove will have you dominating the diamond in no time!

Easton Kevin Pillar Youth 11" Professional Youth Glove Video Transcript: All right I'm here with our digital marketing manager Rob who's celebrating our Christmas party today, he doesn't usually dress like that, anyway today we're showing you these really cool T-ball gloves from Easton. This is the Jose Ramirez model. This is a 100% percent leather glove. A lot of times small gloves like this are synthetic, so it's a hundred percent leather glove, pretty small as you can see, but best suited for ages six to eight, for t-ball play mostly, we would say. One of the most unique features about this glove is it's got this little notch here, what do they call it Rob, they call it a flex notch which really makes it very easy for young kids to close right out of the box. This glove does require a little bit of break-in because it's leather but because of the notch it's pretty easy to use right out of the box. This is a ten and a half inch design and is really kind of cool, modeled after the the professional version of the glove. How thick is that one Rob? This is the 11 inch glove Kevin Pillar model. It's a little bit bigger than the Ramirez glove. It's basically suited for a t-ball player, really nice design, the two colors might be a little outdated since he was on the Giants and those are Blue Jays colors. I think it also there's also a 10 inch glove that's even a little bit smaller than this from Easton, but they're all available on our website. They're priced at $39.99. So 40 bucks. It's a really good value and a great glove for t-ball players.


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Brand Easton
Manufacturer Part # A130 759

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