Kwik Goal High Volume Hand Pump, 1A801

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Kwik Goal High Volume Hand Pump, 1A801

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$19.95 (ea)

Anthem Part # A12-016


  • Dual action allows for rapid inflation with fewer pumps
  • Moves a total volume of 1400 cubic cm with each pump
  • Includes hose and nozzle fittings for large inflatables
  • Ideal to use with the Kwik Goal Air Tom Training Soccer Mannequin (purchased separately - see below)


The Kwik Goal High Volume Hand Pump is ideal to use with large inflatables like the Kwik Goal Air TOM® (Training Opponent Mannequin). The hand pump's dual action design, which injects air when both pushing and pulling the handle, will allow you to inflate faster with fewer pumps to get your inflatable ready quickly. The hand pump is value priced to fit your budget and ships complete with a variety of hose and nozzle fittings to fit inflatable ports of any size. Buy a Kwik Goal High Volume Hand Pump today and get your practice up and running in no time.


Additional Information

Brand Kwik Goal
Manufacturer Part # 1A801

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