Molten Digital Air Pressure Gauge & Ball Pump

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Molten Digital Air Pressure Gauge & Ball Pump

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Anthem Part # A94-119


  • Digital air-pressure gauge with built-in ball pump
  • Accurate, compact, and lightweight measurement device
  • Constructed of ABS plastic
  • Weighs 70 grams
  • Measures in 3 different air pressure units: hPa, bars, psi
  • Measures psi in .05 increments
  • Includes (1) lithium battery, CR2032
  • Battery life: approx. 8 months at 15 min. use per day
  • Includes protective case, lubricating solution, and (2) ball needles


The Molten PGP digital pressure gauge is an all-in-one digital air pressure gauge with a built-in ball pump. This is an ideal device for referees and coaches looking for an accurate, compact, lightweight measurement device. It comes in a hard, plastic protective case that can easily be stored in your travel bag. The built-in pump and relief valve allow for an easy air pressure adjustment whenever it's needed.

Molten Digital Air Pressure Gauge & Ball Pump Video Transcript: We are showing you the Molten Air pressure gauge that also doubles as a hand pump. It comes in this really nice carry bag to protect the gauge when it is not in use. The first thing you would do is turn it on. It measures in 3 different units of measure but we are going to use PSI today. You take the pump and insert it into any type of ball you want to pump up or check the pressure on. If you want to add pressure, you twist and release the pump handle. You just pump like you would with any other handheld pump. You keep pumping until you get to the desired air pressure then you remove the pump. If you would like to relieve some air pressure, you simply press this button and it will release some air pressure. You twist the handle back in and put it back in the case. It also includes some lubricant for the inflation needles, it's got a small screwdriver that is used to replace the battery which is included, and it has an extra inflation needle. A really popular item that is great for referees and coaches to keep in your travel bag. It is really well made, very sturdy, and one of our better selling products.


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Brand Molten
Manufacturer Part # PGP

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