Power Dribble Basketball Dribble Box Trainer

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Power Dribble Basketball Dribble Box Trainer

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Anthem Part # A55-736


  • Teaches dribbling with your head up
  • Adjustable to 2 height levels
  • Easy two step install process
  • Structural-grade, PVC plastic
  • Rustproof
  • UV-Protected
  • Made in the USA


The Power Dribble is a revolutionary basketball training aid for teaching proper dribbling technique. This dribble aid teaches keeping the basketball low and under control while keeping your head up, not down on the ball, enabling you to see the whole floor, the basket and your teammates more effectively. The Power Dribble reinforces anticipation on where your next dribble will go, ultimately providing a better feel for the ball. The Power Dribble is easy to set up and can be adjusted to two height levels. Besides teaching you better dribbling, the Power Dribble is also great to use as a defender for various basketball training drills.


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Brand Power Dribble
Manufacturer Part # A55-736

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