Spieth Uneven Bar Cast Angle Guide

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Spieth Uneven Bar Cast Angle Guide

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Anthem Part # A57-422


  • Helps visualize of the angle of the cast w/ color coded sections
  • Easily attaches to most round apparatus tubes on the market
  • Adjustable depending on bar's setting to maintain vertical alignment with the rail
  • Green color is 15 degrees from vertical
  • Yellow color is 30 degrees from vertical
  • Red color is 45 degrees from vertical


The Spieth Uneven Bar Cast Angle Guide helps a coach or gymnast visually see the angle of their cast based on the color coded sections. The execution of a cast can greatly effect the score of your routine if it is not done at the proper angle. The guide easily attaches to the upright of the bar and can be adjusted based on the bar's setting, maintaining a vertical alignment with the rail. The green color on the guide indicates 15 degrees from vertical, the yellow color indicates 30 degrees from vertical, and the red color displays 45 degrees from vertical.


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Brand Spieth
Manufacturer Part # 5106-CAST
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