Kochek NZ023 Aluminum Shower Head Nozzle

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Kochek NZ023 Aluminum Shower Head Nozzle

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$37.95 (ea)

Anthem Part # A15-256

  • Use with 1'' hose or larger
  • "Jump" feature provides streams at 20-60 GPM
  • Constructed from aluminum
  • Includes adaptor


Kochek’s amluninum shower head nozzle provides a heavy shower of water for flushing and heavily irrigating. The most popular Turf Nozzle ever now comes in either 1” or ¾” size to meet any Turf or Field Managers needs. This nozzle is also now made in aluminum to make it the lightest and best shower head nozzle. It's perfect for heavy watering of turf or infields and will save you time and energy due to its superior flow. This high volume "jump" nozzle provides a 20-60 GPM flow rate, allowing selective water distribution for turf and infields. It comes equipped with the "jump" feature, providing a stream (at 60 GPM) or fog (at 20 GPM), making it the most versatile of all the "jump" nozzles. For best results, use only with 1" hose or larger.

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Additional Information

Brand Kochek

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