Futsal Goals & Balls

Futsal was originally invented in South America and has gained rapid popularity all over the world. Numerous soccer legends started out playing their version of Futsal before reaching their superstar status. Futsal was developed with youth players in mind to increase skill and confidence by getting as many touches as possible. The game is played on a smaller hard surface without any walls, so players of all ages must focus on sharpening their skills and reaction time.

A FIFA approved Futsal ball must have a circumference between 24.61" and 25.0" - this is smaller than a size 4 ball and bigger than a size 3 ball. Futsal balls are not sized the same way traditional soccer balls are sized (size 3, 4 & 5). To remove confusion, Select has decided to offer an "official size" ball for adults and a "Junior size" smaller ball for youth players. We hope this removes some of the confusion about Futsal ball sizes.