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Football Down Markers

Football down markers and chain markers are essential components of football games at all levels of play. At Anthem Sports, we carry down markers for football from Fisher, the industry leader in football equipment.

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Fisher Football Chain Set Field Marking Package, 3013PK
  2. Fisher 8' Chain Set w/ Flip Down Box Indicator, 3015PK
  3. Fisher 7' Chain Set w/ Flip Down Box Down Indicator, 3011PK
  4. Fisher ECONOMY Chain Set w/ Flip-Down Indicator, 2011PK
  5. Champro Deluxe Football Chain Set & Down Box Set
  6. Fisher 7' VARSITY SERIES Chevron Chain Set Football Markers, 3003OR
  7. Champro Football Digital Down Marker
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  8. Champro Deluxe Football Down Box
    Champro Deluxe Football Down Box
  9. Fisher Flip Down Box Football Marker, 3002OR
  10. Dial-a-Down Football Down Marker, FBPROBOX
  11. Fisher Economy Football Flip Down Indicator, 2002
  12. Fisher Football Down Target Marker
  13. Fisher Carry Bag For 7' Football Chain Set
  14. Fisher Carry Bag For 8' Football Chain Set
  15. Fisher Carry Bag for Electronic Down Marker

15 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Choose from a football down box with a flip down indicator or a dial-a-down style and chain measurement markers that are offered in both 7 foot and 8 foot heights. Our down markers and chain set distance markers are available for sale individually or together as a set. Additionally, we offer football chain gang vests to identify the members of the sideline crew manning the chains. We also carry a full football chain field marking package that includes chain markers, down markers, foam yardage markers and a set of three chain gang vests - everything you need to referee on the sidelines. Shop our selection of football sideline equipment today! We’ve got you covered from first down to fourth down!