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Coaches know that a baseball radar gun is an essential tool to help develop a championship pitching staff. Tracking the pitch speeds of both your team’s hurlers, as well as your opponent’s, is important for mapping out a successful game plan.

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  1. Ball Coach Pocket Radar
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    Ball Coach Pocket Radar
  2. JUGS R2050 Radar Gun
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    JUGS R2050 Radar Gun
  3. Pocket Radar Custom Lanyard
    Pocket Radar Custom Lanyard

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We offer several great choices for tracking pitch speeds. With some of the top brands on the market available, such as Jugs, Net Playz, Bushnell, and more, we are confident you will find the right choice. When shopping for baseball radar guns, accuracy is the main concern. You can rest assured that the selection we offer will provide an accurate pitch speed reading, with our models offering anywhere from a ± .5 to a ± 1 MPH level of accuracy.

Many models are capable of measuring speeds from distances beyond 100 feet and at speeds up to 200 MPH for the best in accuracy and performance. Aside from performance, baseball radar guns are a cinch to operate. We offer options featuring a simple point and shoot operation, making it easier than ever to record pitch speeds. Best of all, our selection includes affordable choices so you get great quality without going over budget. Whether you are looking for a larger hand-held gun or a pocket design for even more convenience, we have you covered.

We also offer important accessories to accompany your model. A tripod can help keep things steady for hands free operation. A lanyard makes it easy to keep track of the model while keeping it available as needed. We have all the must have accessories in one convenient place for your shopping needs. Order today and start clocking pitches with your team!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these high-quality products. Our staff is always happy to assist you further.