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Adult & Youth Football Equipment

Anthem Sports offers a comprehensive line of football equipment for your team or facility with strong brands like Jaypro, Fisher, Rogers, Bison, Jugs and Wilson. You'll find a wide selection of gear suitable for youth football on up through college level play.

Arm play holders/wrist coaches provide easy access to offensive and defensive plays throughout the game. Our selection includes styles with single play cards up to options with three play cards. The wrist coach is a must-have for all levels of play and is available in adult, youth and pee wee sizes.

We offer a large supply of football equipment bags and ball bags to easily transport all your gear. Carry your helmet, shoulder pads and more in one of our large player equipment bags. Some styles include a separate helmet bag and laundry bag for convenience. Bring your game footballs to the field and keep them protected with our selection of football duffel bags. These durable nylon bags are equipped with lined individual ball compartments to keep your footballs scuff-free, and are offered in styles that can carry from 6 to 12 footballs.

Get your team ready for the season with our comprehensive line of training equipment including tackle rings, football dummies and blocking sleds. Tackle wheels or rings are a great tool for teaching youth thru college players proper tackling techniques and pursuit angles for open field tackles. Plus, the tackle wheel is designed for individual player training, without the need to use another player, thus greatly reducing injury potential. Offered in diameters from 28" to 53", these tackle wheels feature a heavy-duty vinyl coating with a poly foam inside that can withstand the toughest football drills. Our extensive football dummy selection includes hand-held blocking shields, stand up dummies, and half-round step over dummies, all suitable for youth football through college level trraining. Our comprehensive supply of hand-held blocking shields and stand up dummies are great for teaching the proper technique for controlling opponents and for simulating game situations, while also providing player protection during both offensive and defensive drills. Stepover football dummies feature a half round design that is perfect for agility and foot speed drills, both essential tools for any football player.

Take your football training to the next level with our huge selection blocking sleds. Blocking sleds are essential for teaching proper positioning, pass rush pursuits, and building strength and endurance. Players must be in good position to compress the sled's spring as they drive into the sled. These blocking sleds can be used on both grass and turf surfaces, and are offered in various sizes from a 1 man sled for individual player training, up to 7 man sleds for team drills.

Football coaches will find that we offer a full line of coaching gear including game plan protectors, coaching boards, equipment repair kits, scrimmage vests, whistles, and coaching towers. Football coaching towers allow coaches to monitor their team's performance from above the action for a comprehensive evaluation. The coach/scorer's towers that we carry feature sturdy steel and aluminum construction with some towers equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability on the sidelines.

Keep track of in game play with our extensive line-up of football down markers, yardage chains, and end zone pylons. We offer individually sold down markers, as well as, down marker packages. Choose from flip down indicator down boxes, dial-a-down style indicators, and electronic down marker varieties. Our selection includes down marker packages that have everything your need on the sidelines including a yardage chain set, a down box, foldable polyfoam yard line markers, first down target markers, orange pylon set for each corner of the end zone, and 3 orange vests for crew members.

Get everything you need to complete your field including field marking paint and stencils, football goal posts and goal post padding, sideline covers, scoreboards, and hydration products to keep the team energized. Our line of field marking gear includes a complete line of paint striping machines, aerosol paint cans, and yard line stencils to make your field look perfect. We offer a state of the art goal post supply that includes standard 4-1/2" gooseneck designs for high school play and 5-9/16" collegiate/pro-style designs. Goal posts can be installed permanently or semi-permanently using ground sleeves. Plus, our selection includes budget priced practice goal posts, H-frame style goal posts and combination football/soccer goals. Our wide supply of goal post pads will keep your players safe and give your field a professional look. Goal post pads can be customized with custom lettering or your team's logo that can be either digitally printed or sewn on to the pad. Protect and preserve your field with our comprehensive supply of sideline covers that are designed to reduce the damage and maintenance from inclement weather and player traffic. We carry all that you need to keep your players comfortable and hydrated including everything from water bottles and coolers, to drinking stations and portable cooling fans.

Whether you are shopping for youth football equipment or high school or college, we have a large selection of supplies to choose from. Shop here or contact Anthem Sports at 800-688-6709 for help choosing the right football gear for your program.