Fungo Bats and Fungo Screens

Fungo bats are an essential tool for running infield and outfield drills. Hit your players grounders, pop flies, and line drives with ease with a fungo bat from Anthem Sports.

Our supply includes fungo bats made of durable wood grades for a traditional feel and aluminum fungoes that are built to last. Professional grade Maple fungo bats are lightweight, easy to swing, while being sturdy enough to withstand the toughest fielding workouts. Some maple fungoes are offered with composite frames for additional durability and extra pop for fly ball and ground ball drills. Chinese whitewood fungoes are renowned for their great feel. Traditional ash wood fungoes offer an all-purpose, easy swing. We also carry styles that feature a combination of maple and bamboo wood for the the ultimate in strength and durability,

Fungo bats that feature a cupped end offer a lighter than average swing, allowing coaches to easily hit countless ground balls and fly balls without tiring. In addition, our selection includes fungoes with an end-loaded design for faster bat speed, requiring less effort to hit hard practice balls to any part of the field. You'll also find fungo bats offered in an assortment of colors to match your team and add a touch of style to your practice.

Among our selection, you’ll also find fungo bats made with lightweight aluminum. Aluminum construction offers the best in longevity and allows coaches to repeatedly hit ground balls and pop-ups all over the diamond.

We also carry a hand-held Accubat fungo bat that allows you to hit grounders, pop-ups, and line drives consistently in the same motion as a racquet ball serve. This innovative design is perfect for a coach who has difficulty hitting ground balls or fly balls to players with a traditional fungo bat.

Keep coaches and players protected during workouts behind the wide selection of protective fungo screens that we carry. You'll find pop up fungo nets that are easy to set up, break down and transport, and traditional fungo screens featuring galvanized steel frames that are lightweight, compact, and easy to move. Should the net on your fungo screen tear, we carry a full line of replacement nets.

Any coach will tell you that building a championship team takes dedication, drive, and a lot of practice. Get your fielding drills off to the right start and improve your team's defensive skills with a fungo bat from Anthem Sports. Pick up a fungo from a top brand like Bownet, DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, and more!