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Basketball Rims

There’s no basketball without the hoop. At Anthem Sports, you’ll find a wide range of basketball rim styles to choose from. Select from rims that are recommended exclusively for outdoor use, indoor use, or versatile indoor/outdoor styles. Standard size 18 inch diameter basketball rims ship complete with mounting hardware and nylon nets. Breakaway style basketball rims provide a pressure release mechanism that are designed to withstand the hardest slam dunk and help prevent wrist injuries.

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  1. Bison TruFlex Breakaway Basketball Goal
  2. Bison Baseline Universal Prep 180 Competition Breakaway Goal for 48" Board, BA3180T
  3. Bison Baseline Collegiate 180 Competition Breakaway Goal for 42" Board, BA3180S
  4. Bison Pro Tech Competition Breakaway Basketball Goal, BA35
  5. Bison Double Rim Basketball Rim, BA37N
  6. Bison Ultimate Playground Basketball Goal, BA39U
  7. Bison Single Rim Super Basketball Goal, BA27A
  8. Bison Elite Competition Breakaway Basketball Rim, BA35E
  9. Bison Heavy-Duty Side Court Flex Basketball Goal, BA32
  10. First Team FT196T FullTilt Competition Breakaway Basketball Goal
  11. First Team FT190 Economy Competition Breakaway Basketball Goal
  12. First Team FT172D Double Rim Fixed Basketball Goal
  13. First Team FT170 Standard Fixed Basketball Goal
  14. First Team FT186 Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor Flex Basketball Goal
  15. First Team FT187D Super Duty Indoor/Outdoor Double Rim Flex Basketball Goal
  16. First Team FT187 Super Duty Indoor/Outdoor Flex Basketball Goal
  17. First Team FT194TA Premium Breakaway Basketball Goal
  18. First Team FT192 Competition Breakaway Basketball Goal
  19. Jaypro Competitor Pro Breakaway Adjustable Basketball Goal, GBA-600
  20. Jaypro Single Rim Super Basketball Goal, GBSG-50
  21. Gared 1000 Scholastic Breakaway Basketball Goal
  22. Gared 2000+ Collegiate Basketball Goal
  23. Gared 7550 Titan Playground Basketball Rim
  24. Gared 66T Standard Rear Mount Basketball Goal
  25. Gared 6600 Scholastic Rear Mount Breakaway Basketball Goal
  26. Porter TorqFlex 180 Degree Elite Flex Basketball Rim
  27. Porter TorqFlex 180 Degree Competition Basketball Rim
  28. Porter Ultra Breakaway Competition Basketball Goal
  29. Porter PowrFlex Elite Flex Basketball Rim
  30. Porter PowrFlex Competition Basketball Goal
  31. Porter Ultra Breakaway Elite Basketball Goal
  32. Porter TFX 180 Degree Breakaway Flex Basketball Rim
  33. Porter Super Basketball Goal, 00225000/00235000
  34. Porter Heavy-Duty Playground Basketball Goal, 00251H00
  35. Porter Double Rim Playground Basketball Goal, 00202H00
  36. Spalding Slammer 180 Competition Basketball Goal, 411-723
  37. Spalding Slam-Dunk Pro Breakaway Basketball Goal, 411-704
  38. Bison Rear Mount Flex Basketball Rim, BA32RXT
  39. Korney Board KBA-16 Basketball Shooting Ring, 16"
  40. Korney Board KBA-11 Basketball Rebound Rim, 11"
  41. First Team Block-Aid Rebounder Training Aid
  42. KBA KRB-250 Rebound Dome Basketball Rebound Trainer
  43. Jaypro Hideaway Basketball Rim Replacement Ring, BBSR-R (one each)
  44. Bison Hideaway Net Attachment Cable (PAIR), BA35ARC
  45. SKLZ Kick Out Basketball Return System
  46. Bison Dura-Skin Basketball Backboard Edge Padding, BA68U

46 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Hone your skills with easy to install basketball rim accessories like rebound dome trainers and narrow shooting rings that will improve your shot, transition game and rebounding.

Our rims come from some of the most trusted brands in basketball, including Spalding, Bison, and JayPro. Browse our current selection of basketball rims and upgrade your court at an affordable price today.