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Anthem Part # A33-831

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  • Helps prevent bone bruises and damage to soft tissue
  • Lessens the sting and discomfort of impact
  • Helps retain ball in glove- less rebound
  • Decreases the fear for the younger player
  • Especially protective during cold weather
  • New lightweight design for better comfort
  • Features additional padding on the middle finger and thumb Downloadable Size Chart


The PALMGARD is a protective glove specifically designed and patented for use inside baseball and softball fielding mitts. PALMGARD provides the needed protection for the critical areas of the catching hand of a ballplayer without sacrificing the player’s level of proficiency.   The essential feature of the design is the shock-absorbing cushions covering the critical areas of the index finger and upper palm. The cushion consists of a non-springy material that is slow to return to its original contour and therefore reduces the rebound effect and helps retain the ball in the glove.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Palmguard
Manufacturer Part # PA-101

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