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Baseball Hitting Aids

Anthem Sports offers a comprehensive line of baseball hitting aids designed to improve your performance at the plate. From training baseballs and batting tees, to soft toss machines and hitting screens, you'll find the right hitting aid to make a difference in your swing.

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  1. Champro Little Brute Batting Tee
  2. Champro Brute Spring Loaded Batting Tee
  3. Champro Brute 2 Batting Tee
    Champro Brute 2 Batting Tee
  4. SKLZ Quickster 5'x5' Batting Practice/Baseball Target Net
  5. SKLZ Quickster 7'x7' Batting Practice/Baseball Target Net
  6. SKLZ Quickster Vault Net
    SKLZ Quickster Vault Net
  7. POWERNET XLP PRO 8'x8' Pop Up Hitting Net
  8. POWERNET 7'x7' Original Pop Up Hitting Net
  10. POWERNET Triple Threat Multi-Station Pop-Up Training Net
  11. POWERNET 5' x 5' Pop-Up Hitting Net Bundle
  12. POWERNET 7' x 7' Full Mouth Pop-Up Hitting Net
  13. Schutt Flex Net BM Pop Up Training Net
    On Sale
  14. Easton 5' XLP Pop-Up Practice Net
  15. Easton 7' XLP Pop-up Practice Net
  16. Atec N1 Portable Pop-Up Practice Net
  17. Jaypro 7'x7' Baseball/Softball Soft Toss Sock Net
  18. POWERNET Infielder Pop Up Net with Frame
  19. POWERNET Infielder Pop Up REPLACEMENT Net
  20. POWERNET Pop Up I-Screen with Frame
  21. POWERNET Pop Up A-Frame Pitching Screen
  22. POWERNET 7'x7' REPLACEMENT Net, Team Colors
  23. POWERNET Launch F-Lite Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine
  24. Jugs Baseball T Hitting Station
    Jugs Baseball T Hitting Station
  25. Jugs 5-Point Baseball Hitting Tee Package
  26. Jugs Baseball Batting Practice Package
  27. Jugs Baseball Backyard Batting Tunnel Net Package
  28. Jugs Baseball Toss Hitting Package
  29. Jugs Albert Pujols Baseball Backyard Hitting Package
  30. Jugs Baseball Hit at Home Backyard Package
  31. Jugs BP3 Baseball Pitching Machine
    Jugs BP3 Baseball Pitching Machine
  32. SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine
    SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine
  33. Jugs A0600 Soft Toss Machine
    Jugs A0600 Soft Toss Machine
  34. SKLZ Lightning Bolt Pro Portable Pitching Machine
  35. SKLZ Bolt Pitching Machine Micro Balls, dz
  36. SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Tee
  37. POWERNET Bat Handle Resistance Trainer
  38. POWERNET Bat Handle Resistance Trainer Bundle
  39. POWERNET Portable Warm-Up/Strength Training Baseball Set
  40. SKLZ Hit-A-Way High-Repetition Baseball Solo Batting Trainer
  41. SKLZ Hit-A-Way PTS Portable Baseball Batting Trainer
  42. Easton CXN Batting Tee
    Easton CXN Batting Tee
  43. Easton Core Batting Tee
    Easton Core Batting Tee
  44. Champro 3-Position Batting Tee
    Champro 3-Position Batting Tee
  45. Champro Pro-Grade Folding Batting Tee
  46. Champro Brute Elite/Pro-Grade Batting Tee Replacement Top
  47. Champro Attack Angle Batting Tee
  48. Champro All-In-One Attack Angle 5-Position Batting Tee
    On Sale
  49. Tanner Pro Batting Tee
  50. Jugs Short T Batting Tee
    Jugs Short T Batting Tee
  51. Jugs T Batting Tee
    Jugs T Batting Tee
  52. Jugs Combo T Batting Tee Package
    Jugs Combo T Batting Tee Package
  53. Tanner Heavy Batting Tee
  54. Bownet ProMag Batting Tee
    Bownet ProMag Batting Tee
  55. Champion Deluxe Baseball/Softball Batting Tee, 90
  56. Jugs Pro-Style 5-Point Batting Tee
  57. Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee
    Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee
  58. SKLZ 5-Position Batting Tee
    SKLZ 5-Position Batting Tee
  59. SKLZ Pro Elite Batting Tee
    SKLZ Pro Elite Batting Tee
  60. SKLZ Hit-A-Way Select Portable Batting Trainer

Items 1 to 60 of 124 total

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Set Descending Direction

All players and coaches know that it takes dedication and a lot of practice swings to become a great hitter. It is imperative that your training aids are able withstand multiple hours of batting practice. You'll find that our wide selection of batting tees and portable pop up hitting screens are up to the task. The batting tee is probably the most valuable hitting aid in your hit training arsenal. We have a wide variety of tees to choose from. We offer standard single post batting tees for a more traditional batting practice, and multi-position tees that allow you to practice hitting from all sides of the plate. Practice hitting pitches at different height levels with a telescoping style batting tee that can be height adjusted to help fine tune your swing mechanics. Our supply also includes batting tees with collapsible tripod legs that fold easily into the provided carry bag for easy transport. Take your hitting drills to the next level by taking cuts into one of our pop up hitting screens. These durable and portable hitting nets are easy to set up, break down, and allow you to get your swings in anywhere.

Great hand-eye coordination is a vital part of a hitter's success. Improve your hand-eye coordination, and ultimately your hitting performance by taking cuts with one of our training bats. Available in both youth and adult lengths, these baseball hitting aids feature a 1" thin barrel, forcing the hitter to make contact using a smaller hitting area, while ensuring consistent solid contact on the sweet part of the barrel.

Enhance your pitch recognition with one of our training baseball sets that are specifically designed for a hitter's visual training development. These baseballs feature special markings such as large numbers or colored dots that a hitter must identify after each swing. This is a great concentration exercise to keep hitter's focused at the plate.

Our assortment of baseball hitting aids also includes weighted training balls. These regulation sized baseballs are 2.5x the weight of a standard baseball and are designed to help hitters increase their power and swing accuracy. These training baseballs teach hitters to swing through the ball for better extension and increased power. Better still, these weighted baseballs are restricted flight with the capability of traveling a maximum of 50 feet on a full swing, making them ideal for smaller training areas and pregame warm-up drills.

Get loose before stepping in the batter's box by taking practice cuts with one of our warm-up bats. These durable aluminum warm up bats simulate the natural feel of your favorite bat and are a significant upgrade from traditional weighted bat donuts. Offered in both youth and adult sizes, these training baseball bats feature an adjustable weight design that allows you to make the bat feel either end-loaded or balanced to match your preferred hitting style. Besides using it on deck to prepare for your next at bat, these warm-up bats are also a great training aid to improve swing speed and swing mechanics.

Our big supply of baseball hitting aids also features a line of hit-a-way style personal batting trainers. These hitting aids include a a tethered baseball and cord design that twists back around a sturdy pole after each swing, simulating hitting against real pitching. These hitting trainers are ideal for maximizing a hitter’s power, swing speed and mechanics through repetition training. Plus, the all-in-one design sets up and collapses easily for efficient transport and storage.