Bison Conversion Backboard, Rim & Padding Package

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Bison Conversion Backboard, Rim & Padding Package

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Anthem Part # A55-392

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Package includes:

  • Backboard
    • Model BA42XLC
    • 42" short unbreakable XL glass
    • 42" x 72"
    • 35"W x 20"H rear structure mounting pattern
    • White border and shooters square
    • Aluminum framework
    • 1/2" tempered glass
    • Predrilled for DuraSkin backboard padding
    • Meets NFHS specifications
    • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Goal
    • Model BA35S
    • ProTech Breakaway goal
    • For 42" glass backboards only
    • Rim mounting hole pattern is 5" x 4"
    • Heat-treated ball and socket, positive lock mechanism
    • 1/4" rim support
    • Steel cover-plate
    • Continuous netlocks
    • Includes competition net and mounting hardware
    • Meets NCAA and NFHS specifications
    • Meets NCAA rule regarding rebound elasticity
    • Unconditional 3-year replacement warranty
  • Padding
    • Model BA68U
    • DuraSkin indoor backboard padding
    • Mounts to all 72" wide glass backboards
    • 17 colors
    • 10-year unlimited warranty


The OFC423E Bison conversion backboard rim package is the most economical way to convert side courts with fan backboards to sidecourts with full-sized, glass backboards. This conversion backboard package can be installed by a capable maintenance crew. The backboard has a frame that matches the mounting pattern of you fan board to the new glass backboard. This package includes a standard 42" short unbreakable backboard, ProTech breakaway goal, and Duraskin indoor backboard padding. The backboard is pre-drilled for original DuraSkin backboard padding and is constructed of 1/2" tempered glass, as well as aluminum framework. For great visibility, there is a bright white border and shooters square on the board. The DuraSkin indoor backboard padding comes in 17 different colors, is extremely thick and is constructed of durable foam molded-in steel. The ProTech breakaway goal is made for 42" glass backboards only. It features a heat-treated ball and socket and a positive lock mechanism that provides excellent rebound consistency over the life of the goal. It has a steel cover-plate and continuous netlocks.


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Brand Bison
Manufacturer Part # OFC423E
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