Chaheati 5 Volt USB Heated Folding Chair

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Chaheati 5 Volt USB Heated Folding Chair

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Anthem Part # A00-060

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  • Includes chair with heating element and carrying case
  • Use your own battery pack (5 volt with a minimum 2.1 amp output) or purchase  the Chaheati 5 Volt Power Bank (see item A00-061 below)
  • Battery not included - see A00-061 below
  • Woven heating technology
  • Oversized chair and seat tubes
  • Three temperature controls:
  • Low (Lasts 7 hours at approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Medium (Lasts 4 hours at approximately 113 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • High (Lasts 2 hours at approximately 131 degrees Fahrenheit)


Already have a portable phone charger? Save money with the Chaheati 5 Volt USB chair that can be used with any portable phone charger.  The Chaheati 5 Volt Chair features a rechargeable heating system with three settings than can provide up to six hours of heat. This chair is lightweight, cordless and easily portable with its included carrying case. This is a great chair for sports parents, campers and tailgaters. Grab some heat at your next outdoor event with the Chaheati 5 Volt USB Heated Folding Chair.


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Brand Chaheati
Manufacturer Part # CH051BB
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