NOCSAE Chest Protector Standard

New NOCSAE Chest Protector Standard

What Is The New NOCSAE Chest Protector Standard?

  • A National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment test on baseball chest protectors determined that to reduce the risk of commotio cordis (cardiac arrest due to a blow to the area over the heart), new heart guard hardware must be included in all baseball chest protectors. Click here to view the standard on the NOCSAE website.

What Baseball Leagues Have Adopted The Chest Protector Rule?

  • Only the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) has adopted the new chest protector rule at this time. The NFHS will require that new chest protectors purchased after January 1, 2020 must meet the standard.
  • Little League Baseball®, Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball, and other youth organizations have yet to announce when they will adopt the standard.

Are Chest Protectors Available That Meet The New NOCSAE Standard?

  • Not at this time. However, most manufacturers plan to offer chest protectors that will meet the new NOCSAE requirement as soon as possible.
  • A listing of all certified chest protector models is available at (use the search term "ND200" to view the list).

How Can I Tell If A Chest Protector Meets The New NOCSAE Standard?

  • All certified chest protectors must include the NOCSAE Baseball Standard label below.
  • NOCSAE Baseball Chest Protector Standard label

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