E-Z Fastpitch Circle Template

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E-Z Fastpitch Circle Template

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Anthem Part # A15-238


  • Mark fastpitch circle quickly & accurately
  • Cable attaches to pitching rubber mount
  • Marking rod scribes circle on infield
  • Use your existing marker to chalk the circle


The E-Z fastpitch circle template is the quickest and most accurate device ever created to mark a fastpitch softball pitcher's circle. Engineered to be mistake-proof and easy to use, the E-Z fastpitch circle template marks the circle at exactly 16' every time in seconds.   This field marking tool is a time and laborsaving device that pays for itself quickly. The secret is the specially designed pitching rubber mount that secures the non-stretch aircraft cable at the exact center of the pitching rubber.   This circle template tool includes a marking rod to scribe the circle onto the field, once you are finished, simply use your existing marker to chalk to the circle.

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Brand White Line
Manufacturer Part # 3026

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