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Frequently Asked Bat Questions

What is BBCOR?
All bats used for high school and college play must be tested and certified BBCOR. BBCOR stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution” and it focuses on how much of a trampoline effect the barrel of a bat has on a ball.

What does 1.15 BPF mean?
BPF (Bat Performance Factor) is simply the increase in the liveliness of a ball hitting a bat compared to throwing a ball against a solid wall (i.e., 20% faster rebound = a BPF of 1.15).  The major softball organizations have adopted the BPF standard to determine whether a bat is legal for play. Softball has several major governing bodies. Each association creates their own bat safety standard to determine whether a bat is legal for use in tournament play. Please check with your local association to determine which standard your softball bat must be in order to be legal for play.

What is ABI (Accelerated Break In)?
Another effort by some governing bodies in softball, and now collegiate and high school baseball to regulate performance of composite bats that regulates the natural break in process. A procedure performed during the model approval testing that aims to mimic the performance of bats when they have been heavily used. This procedure is used to ensure that the bat model stays within the association’s performance standard for the life of the bat.

What about youth associations?
All youth bats must be certified by all youth associations including Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Pony Baseball and AABC.

Do I need to break in my composite bat?
No. Composite bats do not need to be broke in.  We do not recommend physically altering the bat in any manner for use in any game under the jurisdiction or sponsorship of an association or organization that has set standards for the performance of bats.  This will nullify your warranty and will not increase the performance.

Does cold weather affect my bat?
Aluminum bats, especially those higher performance models with thinner walls should not be used in temperatures below 50 degrees. The problem is not so much the bat as it is the ball. Cold temperatures make the composition of the ball denser, especially the new ‘compacted core’ balls being offered.  This puts unusual stress on the bat walls which will result in denting. Bats may also be sensitive to very hot temperatures and should not be stored in areas that are exposed to high heat, such as car trunks. Bat failure due to misuse in extreme temperatures is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Is the aluminum (SC900, 7050, 7046) designation important to a bat’s performance?
The aluminum alloy has an indirect influence on the performance of the bat. Two designs that have the same wall thickness but different alloy will perform similarly but the one with the better alloy (i.e stronger) will provide increased durability. However, the increased strength of a better alloy will allow for bat designs that have a thinner wall that provide increased performance and feel without taking a penalty in bat durability.

Can I use my bat in a cage?
You should not use your new bat in the batting cage. Batting cage balls are made of a more dense material than is used in a regulation baseball or softball and will cause denting. Bat failure due to use in a batting cage is very obvious and is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Bat sleeves may be of some protection but will not guarantee complete protection.

How do I clean my bat?
Use only mild soap and water - they won’t harm the surface coating or graphics. Do not use solvents, acetone or other heavy-duty cleaners, as they will damage the surface.

What is a better bat?  2-piece or 1-piece?
2-piece bats will provide a degree of isolation from the vibration generated after impact and allow for maximum head whip. 2-piece bats have been tuned to optimize the flex point and maximize performance and comfort. 1-piece bats will generally allow for more feedback after impact. Many players appreciate this feature because it helps them in adjusting their swing to locate the performance sweet spot in the bat.

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