Grays GX6000 Micro Elite Composite Field Hockey Stick

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Grays GX6000 Micro Elite Composite Field Hockey Stick

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Anthem Part # A43-228

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  • 50% Carbon, 40% Fiber Glass, 10% Aramid
  • Improved Feel Area (IFA)
  • Energy Reduction Handle (ERH)
  • Micro toe for better drag flicking and 3D skills
  • Ideal head shape and thickness
  • Class design twin combination of part textured / part plain design in matt finish


The Grays GX6000 Micro Elite has a micro toe which is excellent for drag flicking and 3D skills.  The stick's head shape and thickness are ideal for lifting the ball.  The GX6000 is composed of fully integrated carbon, aramid and fiberglass composite with Improved Feel Area (IFA) to improve stick control.  The Energy Reduction Handle (ERH) helps decrease vibration.  This stick gives the player a combination of consistent power with excellent balance and feel.

Additional Information

Brand Grays
Manufacturer Part # 9086

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