Order early to avoid shipping delays!Order early to avoid shipping delays!

How To Choose The Right Volleyball Net System

1. Measure the inside diameter of your existing volleyball floor sleeves. Measure the sleeve portion, not the collar of the cover plate (see picture below). Most floor sleeves are 3", 3-1/2" or 4" in diameter. Knowing this will help narrow your options.

Volleyball Net System Proper Floor Sleeve Measurement

2. Determine if you have a brand preference. If you are replacing an older system, you can often use the old system for spare parts. However, as long as you are ordering the right diameter volleyball uprights, you should be fine.

3. Determine if you need to meet NFHS, NCAA, or other specifications, and check the product bullet points to make sure it meets these specs.

4. Determine what components you need. Most volleyball net systems are available in various money saving packages. You can also order individual pieces.

5. Determine if you have a budget. We have net systems for every level of play, and systems to fit most budgets.

6. Decide if you want artwork on the post pads. Adding logo/lettering can be done on most volleyball post pads, sometimes at an additional cost. This adds to the lead time, so plan accordingly. Many packages include the cost for artwork (check the product bullet points for this information).

7. Order all at once. If you need training items or other volleyball accessories, you can often save on the shipping cost by placing one order.

8. Call Anthem Sports and speak to one of our volleyball equipment experts if you need help at 800-688-6709.

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