Jugs M1700 Football Passing Machine

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Jugs M1700 Football Passing Machine

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  • 16" pneumatic tires
  • Throws 5-80 yards
  • Offers end-over-end kick-offs
  • 7.5 second hang time
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Great for long-snap practice, punts and spiral throws
  • Speed dial adjustment settings
  • Comes complete with 2 ball chutes; one for passes & punts and one for end-over-end kicks
  • 1-1/4 horsepower motor with 3 amps
  • Runs on 110-volt AC, and is compatible with 1000-watt generators
  • 127 lbs
  • For high school, college and pro use
  • 5 year guarantee


The Jugs Football passing machine allows you to throw up to 600 passes or "kicks" per hour. This passing machine throws 5 to 80 yard passes. The distance and height of a pass are controlled by changing the speed of the wheels and by tilting the machine up or down. By turning the dial, you can change the wheel's speed. A simple lever locks the unit after any lateral or vertical change. Once set, the passing machine will throw footballs to the same spot, time after time. The perfect spiral can be thrown up to 80 yards!   This football launcher machine offers booming end-over-end kicks. Whether you are throwing perfect spiral passes from 5 to 80 yards, or booming punts or kickoffs, this passing machine is easy to operate. A simple chute change and an adjustment to the wheel angle will determine whether the football will be a spiral or an end-over end kick.

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Brand Jugs
Manufacturer Part # m1700

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