KBA KRB-250 Rebound Dome Basketball Rebound Trainer

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KBA KRB-250 Rebound Dome Basketball Rebound Trainer

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Anthem Part # A55-791


  • Gives an unpredictable rebound
  • Clear material allows player to follow the rebound from below the rim
  • Durable clear Lexan material
  • Durable urethane rubber mounts protect your rim
  • Snaps on/off in seconds
  • Drill sheets and instructions included
  • Fits all regulation rims


Teach agility, maneuverability and timing with the KBA Rebound Dome. This clear Lexan Rebound Dome is an excellent device for improving the effectiveness of the individual rebounder.  It is constructed so that there is no way to predetermine how the ball will rebound on any type of shot.  This factor makes it serve as an invaluable training aid toward the development of agility, maneuverability and timing.  This clear see-through Rebound Dome allows for better view; to follow each rebound from underneath the goal as in game like conditions.  Place the KBA Rebound Dome on two baskets for full court practice this way every shot is a missed shot. 

Additional Information

Brand Korney Board
Manufacturer Part # KRB-250

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