Power Systems 30682 Indoor Agility Ladder, 15'

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Power Systems 30682 Indoor Agility Ladder, 15'

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Anthem Part # A84-527


  • 15'L x 20''W 
  • 10 stepping areas measure 18" each
  • Two iron rods in cross piece keep ladder flat and in place 
  • Nylon-covered rods protect floor 
  • Includes carry bag


The indoor agility ladder is specifically designed for indoor training. Resists movement on smooth surfaces and will not harm most floors making it a top choice for indoor drills. Each of the 11 crosspieces contain 2 iron rods to help keep the ladder flat and stationary. TRAINING RECOMMENDATIONS Use the Indoor Agility Ladder before strength training if both are to be done on the same day. Perform agility and foot quickness drills before doing resistance running or plyometrics. This will allow the athlete to effectively perform these drills before any muscle fatigue occurs. Perform 2-3 Indoor Agility Ladder workouts per week, allowing 48-72 hours between workouts to reduce the incidence of Overtraining Syndrome. Select 4-6 drills for each workout and perform 3-5 sets of each drill. Keep the total number of sets per workout under 20 and allow sufficient recovery between each set so that maximum effort can be given to the drill. When using the Indoor Agility Ladder the key is to minimize the ground time with each foot contact. The quicker individual’s feet come off the ground, the better the reaction time and ability to change direction. Consult your coach or other qualified individual to assist you in designing your training program. ADD WEIGHTED BELT / WEIGHTED VEST FOR ADDED RESISTANCE A weighted belt or weighted vest can be worn for added resistance when performing any of these drills. Do not add more resistance until you have mastered the drills using only your body weight.


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Brand Power Systems
Manufacturer Part # 30682

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