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Soccer Goal Safety

Soccer goalkeepers and players risk injury from their opponent every time they step on the field. What you may not know is that improperly anchored soccer goals can present an added danger that can result in serious injury, and even death. To put these players in the best position to succeed and ensure their safety throughout the game, coaches, athletic directors and league administrators are well-advised to provide the safest goals available on the market.

As a leading provider of soccer equipment online, Anthem Sports is the premier option for teams on the lookout for top goal and soccer field equipment. We offer gear and products from the nation's most trusted and sought-after manufacturers, and provide coaches with everything they will need to ensure their players are safe at all times.

Finding the appropriate goal anchors at Anthem Sports

One of the more tragic but unexpected threats on the soccer field is that of a tipped-over goal. Reports note that these accidents happen when soccer goals - which can weigh in excess of 400 pounds - are not properly anchored and subsequently tip over onto goalkeepers or other players in the vicinity.

In fact, data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission shows that since 1979, 34 children have been killed by these freak accidents, while roughly 200 players are injured each year as the result of an improperly secured goal.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that portable soccer goals should be anchored at all times (even when the goals are not in use).

To avoid these accidents and the resulting injuries, coaches, athletic directors and league administrators can rely on Anthem Sports to provide the most effective goal anchors for their facility. We offer stake anchors from Kwik Goal and Jaypro that can be easily driven into the ground with a mallet, auger style anchors for loose or sandy soil conditions and variety of convenient sand bags that are quick and easy to install and remove. These saddle sand bags are the only option for anchoring goals on turf field. Contact Anthem Sports if you need help determining the best anchors for your facility.

Arming your Goalkeeper with the right gear

In addition to our wide selection of goal anchors, Anthem Sports also offers coaches and administrators all the additional gear they will need to deploy a well-equipped team.  We sell full-size, youth, backyard and pop-up goals from top brands such as Kwik Goal, Funnets, Pugg and Jaypro, and we can also provide replacement nets, soccer goal backstops corner flags and training goals coaches need to keep players safe and prepared.

Similarly, we have the products coaches and teams need to protect and equip their goalkeepers for practices, training exercises and games. At Anthem Sports, choose from a wide selection of soccer goalkeeper gloves from manufacturers like Sondico and Brine, or secure the best goalkeeper jerseys from brands such as Xara and Diadora.  We even have goalkeeper helmets for players in those states that require goalie helmets for official play.

Coaches can also arrange agility training exercises by purchasing items such as the Kwik Goal agility ball, soccer medicine ball or reflex ball, all of which are available at our convenient e-commerce website.

Turning to Anthem Sports for leading soccer training aids and equipment

Player safety is a coach's most important concern on the soccer field, and with the right equipment from Anthem Sports, he or she can put the correct protections in place for his or her team.

Anthem Sports is also a top source of soccer training aids and coaching equipment for any other sport, making our website a one-stop solution for coaches, team administrations and athletic directors. Rely on our expertise and dedicated customer service to obtain the best items and equipment for your team.