Tennis Court Number Cones, Set of 8

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Tennis Court Number Cones, Set of 8

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Anthem Part # A67-230


  • 9" high cones
  • Numbered 1-4
  • 4 different colors
  • Includes 24 page game booklet
  • Set of 8


Oncourt Offcourt numbered cones make movement drills, target drills and decision-making drills easy. These durable 9" cones can be used with a ball machine or live opponent. Below are some possible drills: Drill 1: Play against a ball machine with 1 cone in each of the quadrants across the net. Before the ball lands on your side, call out the number of the quadrant you are aiming for. Drill 2: Place 2 cones on each side of the net behind the service lines. Rally with a partner with each of you calling out the number you are aiming for.


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Brand Oncourt Offcourt
Manufacturer Part # TANCSPE
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