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Track & Field Vault Boxes

We offer a wide selection of pole vault boxes to suit any budget. Gill Athletics has been an athletic equipment industry leader for over 95 years. Their vault boxes are constructed from welded aluminum or steel to ensure durability and compliance with NFHS, NCAA, and IAAF specifications. We offer a variety of vault box designs, as well as lids with anti-slip surfaces.

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  1. Gill Perfect Plant Sliding Vaulting Box Trainer
  2. Gill 500 Steel Pole Vault Box
    Gill 500 Steel Pole Vault Box
  3. Gill 502 Aluminum Pole Vault Box
    Gill 502 Aluminum Pole Vault Box
  4. Gill 503 Universal Pole Vault Box Lid
  5. Gill 50201 Aluminum Pole Vault Box Lid, RECESSED Mount
  6. Gill 50202 Aluminum Pole Vault Box Lid, FLUSH Mount
  7. Gill NFHS/NCAA Approved SafetyMax+ Pole Vault Box Collar Padding

7 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Track and field is a rewarding experience for athletes of all kinds. Pole vaulting is one of the most exhilarating events to take place on the field. Building a championship pole vaulting team is no simple task, but Anthem Sports provides the experience and know-how you need to maximize training and pole vault performance.

Our selection of pole vault boxes includes an array of options to suit your unique track and field program. Economy boxes are made of 13-gauge steel with fold and weld construction, as well as flanged edges and flared sides. With a white powder coat finish to provide better protection than conventional paint. Premium vault boxes include reinforced backstops to prolong the life of the box. Once installed, you never have to remove them. We offer a wide variety of lid configurations. Flush-mounted lids are made of welded aluminum with supports that prevent the lid from sagging over time. These lids can be flush-mounted without track material. Recessed-mount lids can be covered with all-weather track material, and they fit flush with the runway surface.

We also carry pole vault box lids with anti-slip surfaces and powder-coated finishes. Vault boxes and lids are all sold separately. Protect your athletes by investing in collar padding for pole vault boxes. Gill’s SafetyMax+ vault box collar pad complies with all standards and will work with any style of pole vault landing system. Each pad includes winged arms that go down into the vault box so more of the hard surface is covered. With a bright yellow color, your athletes can clearly see the open box for planting and vaulting. Our strong national buying power also enables us to offer you quantity discounts. Our equipment specialists can help you get the most out of your equipment budget. If you have any questions about our selection of boxes, lids, or collar pads, please call toll-free or email us today to speak with an experienced sales representative.