Speed Training Harnesses

Regardless of what sport you play, resistance training is an excellent tool to increase power, speed, and strength. Players, parents, coaches, and athletic directors all trust Anthem Sports as their resource for training supplies and equipment that aid in building championship teams and well-rounded athletes.

We offer a wide selection of speed harnesses made by some of the best manufacturers in the fitness industry, including Power Systems®, SKLZ®, and other trusted brands. Our speed harness selection includes options with medium or heavy tubing, belts, and so much more. Browse our inventory today to maximize the training potential of your program at an affordable price.

Training harnesses can be used to perform a variety of drills for sports, workouts, and other activities. With the right speed harness, you or your athletes can improve all elements of speed by training stride length and frequency. Our selection includes harnesses that are built to train two athletes simultaneously, allowing the front athlete to receive resistance training while the back athlete received over-speed training. Athletes can also change positions without needing to remove the harness because each model comes equipped with a swivel waist belt. A harness like this can be useful when drilling for speed on the soccer pitch or the football field.

In addition to standard speed harness options, we also offer acceleration training belts that use proven overload and release methods to help athletes at all levels build first-step quickness and top-end speed, as well as lower body and leg power. Medium tubing is designed for individuals that weigh 180 pounds or less, while heavy tubing is designed for people who weigh 180 pounds or more. Most of the training harnesses in our selection come with mesh carrying bags for ease of travel and equipment storage. If you’re looking for a unique system to develop explosive leg drive, look no further than a shoulder harness. This power harness is suitable for short sprints and power marches.

We offer a whole host of training aids, so you can build a complete program for player development. We are in the business of helping coaches maximize power production and end results. Our experienced staff can also help you choose the right products for your unique program. If you have any questions or need help, please call or email us today to speak with a member of our sales department.