Varo Baseball ARC 12 oz SMALL Bat Weight

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Varo Baseball ARC 12 oz SMALL Bat Weight

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Anthem Part # A32-660

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  • 12 oz, fits 2-1/4" barrel bats
  • Provides barrel 'feel' through the zone
  • True-Fit Core technology
  • Dual, double-layer composition
  • Disperses weight to the end of the bat
  • Protects sweet spot of bat
  • Creates game-like swing
  • Strengthens baseball/softball muscles
  • Compatible bat types - youth alum. - pro wood
  • Use for baseball or softball
  • Made in the USA

*Warning* Not designed for live batting, do not strike baseballs or softballs. Fits most bats as indicated. Check youth bats and those with small barrels for correct fit. Confirm that the Varo Arc is properly secured and fitted before swinging. Improper use of your Varo weight may cause serious injury.



The Varo ARC is designed to protect your bat, condition off-field, and improve your swing before stepping up to the plate. The patented weight distribution and ARC swing disperses weight to the end of the bat, simulating a game-like experience that improves a player's mechanics and strengthens baseball and softball specific muscles. The ARC has durable, dual-layer composition that provides exceptional bat protection, safeguarding the sweet-spot of the bat.  The True-Fit Core technology ensures a precise and snug fit to all types of bats - from youth aluminum to pro wood.  This bat weight provides optimal performance for all skill levels from youth to pro.


Additional Information

Brand Varo
Manufacturer Part # ARC-S

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