Volleyball Tutor - Silver Model Trainer

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Volleyball Tutor - Silver Model Trainer

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  • 24"x24"x77"
  • Weighs 59 lbs.
  • 6" diameter throwing wheels
  • Release point 5 1/2'
  • 60 MPH ball speed
  • Dial control for topspin, underspin, flat shots (float serves)
  • Easy assembly/disassembly with no tools
  • Large non-marking casters
  • 220V w/ adapter
  • Three year warranty


The Sports Tutor volleyball silver model trainer measures 24"x24"x77", weighing 58 lbs with an assembly and disassembly done within minutes. The silver model trainer features a maximum ball speed of 60 MPH, a 5 1/2" release point, 6" diameter throwing wheels and the ability to point down for digs and up for sets and serves. This trainer also has the ability to put any desired degree of topspin or underspin on shots. The volleyball tutor and can also produce flat shots to simulate a float serve. The volleyball trainer is backed by a three year warranty.


Additional Information

Brand Sports Tutor
Manufacturer Part # Silver Model

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