Gamemaster L30325 Ultra Instructo-Swing Batting Tee

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Gamemaster L30325 Ultra Instructo-Swing Batting Tee

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$229.95 (ea)

Anthem Part # A33-178


  • Reinforces short, compact swing
  • Helps generate power from lower body
  • Completely portable
  • New, flexible tees
  • Helps achieve quicker bat speed
  • Steel construction, adjustable height
  • Includes retract-a-ball device


The Ultra Instructo-Swing batting tee helps hitters practice swinging a bat the correct way. A hitter will start to develop the type of swings that produce line drives, hard ground balls and fly balls that carry. The Instructo-Swing allows you to consistently practice proper hitting mechanics and produces immediate feedback for an improper swing. Be a better switch hitter by using it to develop and maintain the proper swing mechanics from both sides of the plate. The included Retract-a-Ball devices enables players to get more reps without having to continuously chase balls. The Instructo-Swing's patented rubber-coated "good habit bars" help prevent casting, chopping, or uppercutting by supplying instant feedback to the batter on bad swings. Comes with two Retract-a-Balls to keep your training going without having to chase balls.


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Brand Louisville Slugger
Manufacturer Part # L30325
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