Schelde A3 PLUS Aluminum Volleyball Net System

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Schelde A3 PLUS Aluminum Volleyball Net System

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Anthem Part # A25-289

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  • 3" posts fit virtually any floor sleeve
  • Aluminum uprights
  • Weighs approximately 30 lbs
  • Telescoping infinite height adjustment
  • Includes 3.5" to 3" floor sleeve reducers
  • Includes uprights, post pads, net and antenna
  • Accommodate men's, women's & juniors
  • Designed for 10" floor sleeve depth
  • Spacers available for floor sleeves deeper than 10"
  • High strength aluminum alloy
  • Tubing design & worm drive winch
  • Lifetime warranty on posts and winch
  • Lightweight & Spring loaded posts
  • Engraved net height settings & Infinite height settings
  • Meets every practice & program need
  • Kevlar top cable net & woven nylon banding
  • Durable woven nylon sideline markers
  • How to measure floor sleeve diameter
  • Meets NFHS and NCAA specifications
  • Made in USA
  • Full pad graphics available for an extra $300 - contact anthem Sports

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The Schelde A3 PLUS aluminum volleyball net system has been completely redesigned to offer you ease of use and durability that top programs demand. This system is perfect for all levels of play. The 3" posts fit any floor sleeve. Tubing design minimizes deflection while under tension. It is easy to use and sets up extremely fast thanks to the worm drive winch. This system features lightweight posts that weigh in at 28lbs for end post and 32lbs for winch post. With engraved net height settings, it makes for accurate and easy set up. Infinite height settings within the volleyball range meet every practice and program need for all levels. The Kevlar top cable net with woven nylon banding allows for extreme tightness and durability. You can get safety pads in 13 standard colors as well as full graphic pads to show off your team name or logo. This system also features durable woven nylon sideline markers to help last through years of daily use.

Schelde A3 PLUS Aluminum Volleyball Net System Video Transcript: This is the A3 PLUS aluminum volleyball net system from Schelde. The A3 PLUS has a 3-inch diameter aluminum construction. Typically, a 3-inch diameter aluminum volleyball upright will flex a lot under full net tension. The Schelde upright, however, is reinforced aluminum, it's a thicker wall aluminum, and you don't have the problem with flexing under full net tension like you would with other 3-inch aluminum net systems. These uprights weigh approximately 30 pounds apiece, so it’s relatively lightweight & easy to set up and take down. These 3-inch uprights will fit directly into your 3-inch diameter floor sleeves, but if you have 3.5-inch diameter floor sleeves the Schelde net system, includes adapters that will transform 3.5 inch sleeves down to 3-inch diameter sleeves. The A3 PLUS has a telescoping upright that will adjust to a fraction of an inch. It'll accommodate men's, women's, junior men's, and junior women's net heights. It also has kind of really nice safety feature: it's got a built in spring mechanism that will prevent the top upright from crashing down if you're changing the net height and happen to lose control of it so kind of a nice little safety feature there. The A3 PLUS has a pulley wheel at the top that will accommodate the cord style net. It's a very durable piece of plastic & is very well made. This system has very few moving parts and will last you a long time without the requirement for any maintenance. This is the winch end obviously it's got a really nice smooth worm gear winch that'll allow you to get really good net tension. The A3 PLUS net system is very rigid, very lightweight, one that we highly recommend, & it's a great value. One of the nice things about the Schelde net systems is they have a 4-point net attachment and only 4 attachment points so it's very easy to set up and get really good net tension with the Schelde net systems. The A3 PLUS is one that we highly recommend for just about any level of play.


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Brand Schelde
Manufacturer Part # SSVB303AS
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